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Last week I watched the second film from my Film Bucket List - I didn't love it and wasn't going to mention it but I thought I would do a quick review anyway!

FILM: The Other Boleyn Girl

OVERVIEW: I have had my eye on this film every since it came out in 2008 and have only just gotten round to watching it.

YEAR: 2008

BOOK: It is based on The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

CAST: Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman

PLOT: This film tells the story behind the love affair of Henry V111 and his mistress Mary Boleyn and his marriage to Anne.

WHY I WATCHED THIS FILM: It's a period drama..about Henry V111. What's not to love? It was right up my street from the beginning. I know enough about the Tudors / Henry V111's wives to find my way around a film - however - it wasn't mean to be. I didn't enjoy it!

OVERVIEW: I felt like the film needed some background info. It started really soon and I actually had to check that I hadn't accidentally started it half way through. I didn't fully understand the story and I felt like the characters needed explaining and introducing better.

WOULD I WATCH IT AGAIN? I waited 10 years to watch it! I would definitely Wikipedia the plot first before I give it another watch!

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