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Happy Monday!

So I recently signed up to Netflix - after months of contemplating - and it has changed my life!

I have never been one for films as I'm never sat still long enough to watch the whole thing.

But a couple of weeks ago I bought a tablet and now I am forever carrying it round with me whilst I am working!

I have always wanted to be more of a "film person" but I never have been. There are SO MANY films out there that are classics that I have just never seen!

Well that's about to change because I have written my "Film Bucket List" of 50 films (actually 51) that I am going to watch this year!

(I know that's cutting it fine and it leaves more than one film per week but I think it is do-able!)

Some of them I have seen before but want to re watch but I have everything on there from Scarface to Wuthering Heights to Dear John to Pulp Fiction to Girl with a Pearl Earring.

I have been very open minded! No film is safe! (except Sci Fi, Netflix can keep those..!)

So far since getting Netflix I have watched (not on the list) The Danish Girl, The Duchess and Lady Chatterley's Lover (there's a bit of a period drama theme going on there...)

So I will keep you updated which how I am getting on and what I have watched.

PS - I won't be watching them in order!

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