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Chocolate Treat Jars

Good Morning!

There's only one week to go until Christmas!!

This morning I thought I'd share a quick little gift idea with you. (shamelessly stolen from pinterest..of course!) But perfect for that last minute guest or a person you're not really sure what to buy for.


£6.60 (For all three)

All you need:

A glass jar (any will do, a mason jar, an old jam jar, a storage jar with a flippy lid)

An assortment of sweets / chocolate. (I have made these for the past could of years and this year I have gone for the entire thing to be filled with chocolate with marshmallows on top)

To Do:

Make sure the jar is clean and dry.

Layer with your chosen sweets.

I crumbled a chocolate santa on the bottom layer and then opted for MilkyWay stars, Terry's Chocolate Orange Poppin' candy segments, Maltesters, Broken Matchmakers (Mint), Crunchy M&Ms and Marshmallows. Other brands are available!

Basically that's it! They don't have to be layered, you can throw them in in any order! I finished them off with a satin bow and they're done!

They wen't down a storm last year in my house, I didn't even get a look in!

Merry Christmas!

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