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So October was pretty quiet for me - sewing wise! I have started making shorts for next Spring / Summer and I'm enjoying those few quiet weeks before the Christmas rush comes in!

I made the most of this and enjoyed some good days out during October.

So this month was mainly guessed it..HALLOWEEN!

I posted last week about our "Grange Pumpkin Walk" and most of the month's spare time was taken up with planning that. I have included a few photos above, It all went really well and we have had lots of lovely comments about our display.

Last week was of course HALLOWEEN and so at my Day-Job, we all dressed up! I am on the far right of the photo, dressed as Wednesday Addams. Next to my Mum who is sporting the crazy black wig. It was a fun day and we all had a good laugh!

So the top photo (the most important one) was taken on Monday. Me and my work colleagues (Day-Job) had a day out to Muncaster Castle!

This is somewhere I haven't been since I was a child so we decided to buy ticket for their annual Halloween Day out. Here I am in the middle of the photo, surrounding by me work - family, It was a lovely day (if very cold!) and we visited the castle (by day and by night) saw a fire eater, went into a spooky maze, saw the Cumbria Universities annual Halloween show... you name it, we did it!

And last but not least, as you all know I am a Cactus addict. I added another two to my collection. I'm going to need a bigger shelf soon!

So all in all a very quiet month, before the madness begins!

Until next time..

Happy November!

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