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Good Morning!

So last night was the annual Pumpkin walk in my local town. A few of you may remember me posting about this last year.

This is only it's third year and it is a community effort, where all the local businesses / schools and charities get together and carve pumpkins. There are no rules, you can choose to carve whatever you like and all the pumpkins are displayed along Grange Promenade (this year for two nights) for everyone to see!

This year me and my "Day-Job" colleagues put together a theme based on the local town. A "pumpkin village" although we had that many pumpkins it was more of a city! We have all been working hard this week and it was definitely a team effort.

Here is the final display - with a few close ups for good measure!

If you want to see them for yourself, get yourself down to Grange Promenade tonight from 6-9pm.

It's definitely worth a look!

#pumpkins #grangeoversands #grangepumpkinwalk #pumpkindisplay #pumpkincarving #halloween

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