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Good Morning!

So yesterday, I took part in a 10K race! As some of you will already know, back in May, I did my first Half Marathon. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but I did it! And despite vowing I'd never do it again, just 18 days later I signed myself up for yesterdays event..The Lancaster Castle 10K.

So it was only half as far as May's event but that didn't make it any easier. It was hot and I began to tire somewhere around the 8k mark. And then nobody warned me just how steep the "hill" at the end was. (VERY STEEP INDEED!) BUT I DID IT! And I even managed to beat my PB by a whole 2 minutes!

To anyone who would be interested in this event, Go for it! It started off from just behind the Scenic castle grounds and finishes in the Castle court yard. You even get to sign in, in a Prison Cell! Brilliant!

Plus..The medal is HUGE!

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