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Happy Saturday!

As I was at work (the Day Job) yesterday, I didn't have time to post my usual #FlamingoFriday post.

So today is #FlamingoSaturday!

And here is the Best Dressed little boy you will EVER see! (not only because he is wearing a pair of #PinkFlamingoShorts - but because he is just the coolest dresser!)

Here is Lennon wearing his "Grey and Lime Green Cactus Shorts". Unfortunately these are not available to buy anymore. (Although I am doing everything I can to find a suitable replacement fabric) This means Lennon is the only wearer of these in the World! And doesn't he just look adorable!

If you want to feature on #flamingofriday, send your photos via etsy: pinkflamingoshorts or instagram : @thepinkflamingodesigns .

Have a good day!

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