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Good Morning!

So I have only just got around to uploading this post. Sorry for the late-ness! I will keep it short.

This July was a Brilliant one! (if a little hectic). It started off with my Birthday weekend, where me and a few friends went to see Tom Jones play at our local Races. Followed by a couple of meals out and a lovely chilled birthday.

They rest of the month has been crazy with sewing + the Day Job.

So the photos:

Top Left :

This is my "Connie the Caterpillar" Cake. Bought from M&S by my Sister. This is Colin's GF. And its filled with Strawberry Cream with is delicious!

Next up is the Epic cheese board I had at my Birthday meal out. (you all know how I'm a sucker for a cheese board)

Next up is my Birthday Helium balloon which is still casually floating around my living room.

Middle Row:

Left: During July I have taken on a number of projects through my etsy account. This Kimono was for a French lady. We saw the Design process through together and I love the outcome! Look out for Cactus and Gecko shorts soon!


This is Jamie ( a fashion and lifestyle blogger) on her holiday in Puerto Rico. Doesn't she look amazing! I posted Jamie and her 2 boys some outfits and they wore tham all holiday for me!!


This is a gorgeous Kimono that I made for Logan in Arizona. I am obsessed with it and it is definitely one of my favourite pieces so far!

Bottom Row:

A sneak peek at some of my fabrics and "Works in Progress" throughout July.

Bottom Right:

I am (of course) still running! July has been very wet and windy so I haven't gotten out as much as I would like, but I have a 10k run coming up in September and so I have to keep training for that!

So that was July! Roll on August...

Speak soon!

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