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Happy July!

So I am back! My shop is back up and running as normal. It's been a pretty busy week which is why I haven't got around to uploading these beauties just yet. I will treat this as my "Why this has been the best June EVER!!" blog post.

I won't bore you too much with the details but here are a selection of photos of my adventures!

We flew into Pula and travelled to Brulo (next to the town of Porec). The hotel was lovely! Right next to a woodland (which you had to trek through to get into Porec town. This was right on the end of the beach with a walkway around the coves which stretched for miles!

The weather was generally 33-35c (we were expecting late 20s) and because we were so close to Italy, the food was delicious!

I will explain a little about each pic as I go...

The first photo is the view from our hotel Balcony. We had a sea view (sort of) which looked down into the pool and bar area.

The next photo is the sunset as we walked back on the first night. Look at that sky...

The next 4 photos are mainly of Porec. This was the main town and it was around 20 minutes walk away. It was a typical town, cobbled streets, narrow alley ways, markets and family run restaurants. You could get lots down each street and we spent hours wandering around.

On the 4th Day we walked to a nearby water park. I am not usually a fan of theme parks / water parks or any kind of adrenalin rush to be honest. But this park was SO MUCH FUN! I went down 7 slides (7 more than I expected!) It was such a hot day that we all cooled down in the Lazy River - you've got to love a lazy river!

Here are me and my family on the Roof Top of a bar in Porec town. This used to be a Defence Tower in the 1400's and is now a tiny bar. The next photo is the view across the orange rooftops of town. The sun was just setting so this makes a lovely photo.

The next few photos are views of and around the "Basillica". These are the remains of what was once a Church many moons ago. The views into the harbour are lovely. Basically, this Church was hidden in the centre of town. All of the buildings and shops backed onto it and it wasn't until you were inside that you could get a feel for how big it actually was!

Some of these photos were taken from the Bell Tower which looked over the whole town. Note on one of the photos - the Lavender! It was everywhere!

We also went to an Aquarium one sunny morning. Look at this little Lobster creature! I could have spent hours just watching their every movement.

And last but not least! Our Boat Ride/ Last Saturday morning we booked a boat trip to the nearby town of Rovinj. It took around 2 hours to get there with a couple of stops and a "Fish Picnic" dinner. (not for me obviously!) This photo of the seagulls happened when a load of people decided to feed them bread. Our boat got followed for miles by flocks of hungry birds!!

So here we have it! I had a lovely time and would reccommend Croatia and Porec to anyone! Go and see for yourself!

Happy Holidays!

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