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Good Morning!

Just a quick post this morning, because I have lots of other things to post (what with it being a new month and all...)

But here is why I had a great May!

It was a fairly stressful month (much like March and April!) with lots going on. I was constantly on the go with my Half Marathon training, Day job and sewing etc, So I am looking forward to June for a bit of a rest!

I will explain each photo as I go, rather than boring you with all the details of my Month.

Top Row L-R:

Me and Kelly - So June started off with a meal out for my friends Birthday! We went to the Swan Hotel at Newby Bridge and had a delicious three course meal in a lovely surroundings. What a way to start off the month.

MapmyRun: The next image is part of my Half Marathon training. So I have been training for 10 months and most of May was spent really panicking that I wasn't going to be good enough to run! (last minute nerves and everything!) Two weeks ago I managed a 10k run on my own (with no help from my Dad) and this photo is proof! It was so hard because it was a hot day - but I did it! This really boosted my confidence for the actual day!

George: May was also my little George's Birthday! Most of you know George, my French Bulldog. Well he turned 5 this month! I even baked him doggy cake. Though he wasn't impressed by his hat!

Middle: L-R:

Me! : This photo I will explain more on my next post, but here I am on the morning of the Half Marathon. With about 30 mins to go. I may appear to be smiling but I am terrified!

My medal: Again, I will talk about this shot more in my next post but here is my medal!!

Kitty: Last month I made a 3 piece set for a lovely lady in the USA. This month she sent me the photos to use on my blog. Here is a sneak peek. Doesn't she look FABULOUS! I am so jealous of the Melon skirt, I am going to make one for myself!

Bottom L-R:

The Cribs: This month I also went to another Gig. Me and my family travelled to Leeds to see The Cribs. These were my favourite band (still are!) when I was at College and Uni. The celebrated their 10 year anniversary of the first album and so toured because of this. It was brilliant!! Their songs make me so happy and it was good to have a sing / shout a long!

Summer Fabrics: Lots more of my Fruity fabrics! This month has been jam packed with sewing. I am not complaining at all, but I have had a HUGE work load on. Lots of bright colours and fruity prints! I have literally not stopped sewing..

MapmyRun #2: And last but not least, here is a 14k that me and my Dad took on 2 weeks before the actual Half Marathon. It was tough! But it really helped me believe that I could do it!


May has been a very chaotic Month. The month all this training has been building up to.

I am looking forward to a quieter June.

Until next time..

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