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So as most of you know, last week I completed my first half Marathon with my Dad!

After 10 months of going on about it, I thought it would be rude if I didn't do a blog post, to tell you how it went!

Well.....I DID IT!

It was the hardest thing I have ever done. Seriously! I thought my degree was hard! But this was something I physically pushed myself for. I have never put so much strain on my body and I didn't realise what a mind game it all was. (It's all about positive thinking - when my legs were so tired they couldn't carry on, I had to find some positive thoughts to distract myself - it's so weird!) But I did it!!

So as most of you know, I was born with a hole in my heart. It's all fixed now as I had the operation when I was a baby. I have always wanted to run a half (and one day) full Marathon. But I have spent my whole life thinking it was impossible.

My Dad used to run Marathons back in the day so he was my training partner. And it was nice to do this together.

So after 10 months, the day finally came! We travelled down the Manchester after work (Day job!) on Saturday night for the 9am start on Sunday morning. I had been up early for breakfast etc and I was so nervous that I couldn't eat. I had lots of Good Luck messages in the morning for which I am very thankful because it kept my spirits up. (It felt very special doing this run in Manchester after one hell of a week. This is my honorary city, the one I went to Uni at. And so Manchester will always be special to me. After the Terror attacks just last week, I felt honoured to even be running in this city - and what a lovely atmosphere it was!)

So we lined up at 9am and off we went! We started from the centre of town, to the Etihad stadium back to Old Trafford and finished at Deansgate where the rest of my Family were waiting for us at the Finish line. As I mentioned before, it was so hard! I tracked my run on my app which ticked off the km. Whilst the Markers at the road side counted the Miles. I am happy to admit that the stitches I have been suffering with, did come back! (they just had to didn't they!) But I kept them at bay with some quick exercises and breathing techniques. And despite a few ankle problems for my Dad - WE DID IT!

Everyone who spoke to me before the event said I had to get to 12 miles and the last one would be easy. It wasn't - it was the hardest! The 13th mile was the one where I knew it was nearly over. Where I was really tired and my legs felt like lead! I lost sugars on my way round and so my energy levels were at rock bottom when I crossed that finish line. But I don't care, BECAUSE I DID IT!!

Even at the 3k, 5k and 10k markers when I was actually running, I didn't think I'd be able to do it. After all that training, I still had doubts and it wasn't until I got to the 200m to go sign, when I saw my Mum and Sister under the bridge, that I knew I could - because I was!

Sorry if this all sounds a bit Preach-y. I am just still in shock! I spent months / years thinking it was impossible - and now I've achieved it!!

And crossing that finish line with my Dad was the most proud I have ever felt!

So I got back to work on Tuesday and people asked "Is this it then? You can relax now"

Nope..Because this is just the start! I have come so far in the past 10 months that who knows where I can go. I have proved to myself that I can do it. So why would I stop now?

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