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Happy Thursday! .....Happy May 4th.

I have a different kind of post for you today (and I promise it is nothing to do with Star Wars..."May the 4th be with you.. - NOT THAT!)

Today would be Audrey Hepburn's 88th Birthday - if the leading lady was still around today!

Now I promise you I'm not jumping on some kind of band wagon because its her Birthday. She is, was and always will be one of my heroes.

And I thought today, why not celebrate with a little blog post in memory of her!

I have been a HUGE fan of Audrey for some time now. I've seen her films, I've read biographies, I've even read style books written on her behalf.

The majority of you will know her as "Holly Golightly" in Breakfast at Tiffany's, running around NYC with an unnamed Cat under her arm and a cigarette holder between her fingers. Or as a Princess Ann in "Roman Holiday".. But behind all that glamour and fame was a very different kind of lady.

So in brief (for those who don't already know) She was an "English" Actress born in Belgium 1929 to an Austrian / Hungarian Father and a Dutch Mother. She was actually born "Edda Van Heemstra" but later changed her name to the more English sounding "Audrey". (there are a few different reasons for this, you will have to look them up) During the War, sometime in 1937 the family re located to Kent, England where she went to school.

After the war, Audrey moved to Amsterdam with her Mother and siblings where she took up Ballet and became a full time dancer. (it is here you should note that Audrey never intended to become a famous actress). This happened by chance after being spotted Dancing.

She had her first starring role in "Roman Holiday" where she played Princess Ann alongside Gregory Peck. Throughout her career she appeared on Broadway and in hit films such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Sabrina" and "Charade" with some of the biggest actors of her day. At the time, she was considered to be the first of her kind. She had an individual look - in total contrast to the typical Hollywood Glamour of Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly! She was described to have an elfin face and she was less curvy than the typical style of those years. She had an almost boyish figure and her pixie crop and bold eyebrows stood out from the crowd. This was quite something back in the 1950's!

She had two marriages . One to Mel Ferrer which lasted 14 years and one to Andrea Dotti which lasted 13. She also had two sons (one to each husband) and later in life she met her soul mate Robert Wolders (who was with her until her death).

In the 1950's Audrey began volunteering for UNICEF, whom she became an ambassador for in 1989. She wanted to show gratitude to the Charity for how they helped her during the war. She visited Vietnam, Turkey, South America and Ethiopia to help the starving and clean water programmes.

Upon returning from one of her trips, in September 1992 she began to get stomach pains. This started the decline of her health, she discovered she had cancer and sadly passed away in her home in the beginning of 1993.She did not want treatment as she didn't see why she should have it when it wasn't available to the people she was helping.

All in all an incredible woman!

Most people type Audrey Hepburn into Google and photos appear of her at Red carpet events or of the iconic film roles she played but these do not do her justice. Throughout her years, she just wanted to help people. When asked to sum up her life she described herself as"Lucky". Humble to the end.. she was taken way before her time.

(There are a tonne of different facts you can google about her, so take a look for yourself, this is just my brief summary of why she was so Great!)


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