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Why this has been the BEST APRIL EVER!

Morning Everyone! Happy May.

Before we start with the Festivities, I just want to show you a little bit about what I got up this this April..and why it was such a great Month!

(ps- can you believe we are 1/3 of the way through the year so me neither!)

April has been a fun if a little stressful month! I seemed to have crammed in lots and always seem to have been on the go.

I will explain the pics row by row, instead of boring you with all the details.

So first, the Cacti: We had a family day out to the Garden centre at the beginning of April (a belated Mothers Day-Day! ) And I came home with these little beauties + a Venus Fly trap. I have spent most of my April nursing them back to full health (they were a little withered in the garden centre!) And here they are, brightening up my room!


As you all know, In 4 weeks time I will have run my first half Marathon. I have been training since last August and I really stepped it up this month by pushing myself and achieving some PB's. I'm not going to pretend it has been easy - it really hasn't. Fitting it in with a day job and a business has been so hard!! I am running for the BHF which I will explain nearer the time.


(ignore pic 4 - I will explain at the end) Last weekend I visited York for the weekend. I took a whole 3 days off and spent them in York with my family. The weather way lovely and we did lots of eating and shopping and walking around sightseeing. Bliss! Here are a couple of my favourite photos. I seriously loved York and I am already planning on returning.

(ignore pic 7) - I will explain at the end)

Flamingo tees: I have also spent the majority of my Month sewing. I have been a bit slow on the uploading new items front because I have been planning lots of surprises for the Summer! (You will just have to wait and see...) But I have taken on lots of orders and created some FABULOUS new things to show you.

Swimwear: Here is my first line of SWIMWEAR! How gorgeous are these...? I am really pleased with them. I worked on this from the middle of March and they made their début on in April. I have never made swimwear before and so they took a little time. This was also one of my surprises, I was so happy with them that I wanted to keep them TOP SECRET!

Back to Picture 4 + 7:


So we all remember 5ive!? Yes / no?One of the any bands of my childhood reformed in my local town over the weekend and me and 9 of my work colleagues went to see them. We bought the tickets back in January and I have been SO EXCITED ever since! So we got a mini bus there and (although I wasn't entirely sure what an "Ultimate 90's experience" would entail...) We enjoyed a Robbie Williams tribute act, lots of cheesy 90's tunes and a 90's Girl band tribute. Let alone 5ive! Now there may only be three (don't laugh!) But I didn't even notice. I was too busy singing at the top of my voice and re living my child hood. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! Here's a group photo of the clan plus a really blurry on stage shot.

So all in all, A BRILLIANT APRIL! Throw in a few visits to see my friends and a couple of meals out balanced out by lots and lots of sewing! It made for a great month!

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