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As many of you know, I was away over the weekend. I went to YORK!

And Wow, Did I have a good time! I won't bore you with the details but I wanted t share with you what I have been up to!

We travelled down Friday and stayed in a little holiday cottage just outside of York (in walking distance they said!) It was quite a trek! But a very comfortable and scenic trek so all was forgiven! The Cottage itself was lovely and surrounded by lots of greenery.

I mainly spent my weekend shopping and eating! (what more can you do on holiday) Oh and sightseeing!

York is one of those places where we've all heard a story about. Whether you've been yourself or know someone who has. Everyone knows all about the Minster and the Shambles and can tell you a Ghost story about York.

York is one of those places where I have been several times before, for one reason or another. But I saw a totally different side to it this weekend and I am forever grateful!

First of all, we all know how I am a bit of an architecture geek! I didn't start researching until a couple of years ago but I am obsessed with old buildings! And York has plenty! So after I had done a bit ( a lot) of shopping, we bought a "walks around York" book and explored some more of the city. I always say there is more to life if you just look up, not enough people look up! But in York there is something to see everywhere you look! From the Minster, to looking out for Cat Statues on old buildings, to haunted pubs to Medieval alleyways to a mix match of architecture. We took two self guided walks through the city to see what we could spot.

On Sunday evening, we took part in a Terror Trail. I thought it was a ghost walk (but it wasn't) It doesn't matter though because it was equally as good! We spent 2 hours trawling the streets hearing all about the "Terrors" of York through the centuries from out Tour guide Damien. I always thought York was a peaceful place! (not anymore!)

Over the weekend I have taken in more sights and facts than I could have ever thought possible! I didn't realise York has so many layers! I literally feel like I have gone back in time. Add to that a food market, Gift shops, Lots of walking, some delicious food and lovely weather. I have a fabulous time!! (And so did George!)

I would 100% recommend and I am planning my next trip already!

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