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#E is for Easter..

Happy Thursday..

So we have had the 1st March - what some people consider to be the first day of Spring. We have had Spring Solstice and we have also changed the clocks forward (and lost that hour in bed..)

Here is the time that I consider to be the first day of Spring..


And here's a few reasons why this is one of my favourite times of the year...

Lambs are being born, I love to see them skipping round the fields and just learning to stand. Daffodils, I love the colour yellow and these are one of my favourite types of flower. Spring blooms, Flowers are everywhere and I love it! The grass seems much greener (literally!) and everything is bright and pastel colours. The warmer weather, the fact you can just start to shed your woolly jumpers and winter boots. We did have a few days of Summer a couple of weeks back which was a lovely little taster of what is to come! Optimism, the fact that everyone seems to look to the future and of what is to come,

Easter, I am not particularity religious but I love the whole Easter celebration, it is one of new beginnings and excitement.

Have a lovely weekend...

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