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Why this has been the BEST MARCH EVER!

Happy April Everyone...Sorry for the 3 day delay in posting this pic..I have been working (Day job) all weekend and have not had the chance. So this is just a quick one this morning.

March has been very full on! I can not say I sad to see the back of it. I have enjoyed most of it, but it has been very stressful and at times I felt like everything was going wrong! I worked a lot of overtime (Day job) in the middle few weeks and so my sewing took a back seat which made me get behind..which was very stressful..But I am back on track and ready for a FABULOUS APRIL!

I have fit lots and lots of sewing in this Month! I have been working on my SS17 Spring Lingerie sets, introducing new colours and even a couple of dressing gowns...Yep! You will be seeing them in the coming weeks.

I have completed lots of orders and have reached my target for the month. I entered the #etsymallbusiness Comp which is on going so if you would like to Vote..See my previous posts. I was also featured on a Plus Size blog which made me very happy and it was seen by lots of people, with lots of positive feedback.

I also received the Gorgeous pic of Heather (far right) in Disney, wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse Shorts than we worked together on last Month! I launched my first pair of Men's shorts too which I am hoping to expand on in the coming weeks.. So all in all, a very busy month!

I have tried to balance this out with my personal life too so I have lots to talk about and didn't go stir crazy!

I had a great night out with my (Day job) work colleagues for our Payday. Cocktails and a takeaway..what more could you want! I had tickets to see Dreamboys with my girls (more about that in my previous weekly post) which was a brilliant night out!

Plus a couple of family trips out, lots of walks in the lovely Spring sunshine and a great trip to Walney Beach last weekend. The weather has been lovely recently and I ma hoping it stays fr a couple more weeks...

When I write it all down, March doesn't seem so stressful!

Here's to an even better April!

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