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..Sneak Peek...

Good Morning!

I have a special kind of post for you this morning.. Many of you will be wondering what I have been up to the past couple of weeks. I have told you that I have a surprise up my sleeve (news of that is still a secret) and I have been showing you sneak peeks of photos via my Instagram. If you don't already follow me ...(why not!? (@thepinkflamingodesigns)

But I have been squirrelling away in my workshop / kitchen, planning and making things to show you! Which means I have not had much time to post - so I apologise for that!

Here is what I have been up to!

Following last years best sellers for Bridal wear..(who'd have thought!)

I have set to work on some new and exciting ideas, new colours and new pretty styles! Lots of satin fabrics, vintage inspired designs and general pastel coloured loveliness!

Here are a few pics of my work in progress.

These will be available to buy in the next few weeks...I will keep you updated!

Ps - It has been a very stressful and tiring few weeks. Everything that could have been thrown at me, has been! I am a couple of days behind on my current orders but I will be back up and running ASAP. Bear with me, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! :)

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