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#February Review

Why this was the BEST February Ever!

Good Morning! I am a day late with this post (because I was launching my new website yesterday) But here is a quick post on why this was the BEST FEBRUARY EVER!! February is one of those months, for me, that is neither here nor there. Most people hate January but look forward to Spring. So Feb is like the stepping stone month inbetween. The one where your New Years Resolutions are long gone, and you are nearly ready to strip off from the winter clothes. This is pretty much my outlook anyway!

So February, I got up to plenty of things! I spent most of the month sat in front of my sewing machine, running up lots of new orders and making SS17 Shorts. I got so much sewing done this Month! I also launched the first of my Spring Shorts (there are tonnes more to follow)

Valentines Day..even though I am so unromantic it hurts, me and my friend send each other a card and present each year just for a laugh. I also planned a special surprise for my work friend by sneaking in and covering his work desk with balloons. I also had a nice weekend that weekend because I went to see 50 Shades of Grey!

The weather has been lovely so I have been on some nice countryside walks and I have also had a couple of days out too, and cosy wine nights in! February is also my Best friends Birthday month so last weekend we had a real Girl's night. #proseccohead

I have also been for two Mexican meals (separate restaurants, same group of people) My 1/2 marathon training is coming on nicely. After a few little wobbles towards to beginning of the month, I achieved 2 Personal Best's last week so I am thrilled with that! I am also considering taking up yoga again! (we will see!)

So all in all, A very productive and enjoyable Month. Now for March...Now, where is Spring!?

Thanks for Reading,


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