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My Week in Pictures..

Good Morning! Happy Monday and all that...

Here is "My Week in Pictures". Some of you may have noticed that last week I did not post "My Week in Pictures" This is because I had a really hectic week. Hectic in the way that I was busy, but didn't really have much to show you...

So here is my last week..I am going to explain the pictures from now on rather than each day.

Top Row: Left - Right. For Valentines Day, my friend and I always buy each other a jokey gift. This year (amongst other things) She bought me this Hartley's Glittery Jelly. I am a HUGE fan of Jelly, but as a vegetarian, I can never find it without gelatine. However this little beauty is Veggie friendly + glittery! Yes...actually glittery! This was my obsession last week. Middle: I am still continuing with my SS17 Shorts. They are very nearly all finished and ready to post online. I will not be having any uploads this week as I have something better to show you all! (on Wednesday 1st) Right: As you all know, I have been half marathon training. I have had a few ups and downs but I feel more on track now. Last week I did 2 Personal Bests. The first one - on Thursday was running 7.5k. Originalls I would struggle to even run 1k. 5 was a struggle but is more where I am at, however last week I managed 7.5k without aching legs, tired lungs or a stitch!

Middle Row : Left to Right: This is my 2nd Personal Best, I managed to get my minutes / kilometre time down by 2 more seconds. This time I only ran 4.5k but in a much quicker time. I was so happy! Middle : Everyone loves a good inspirational quote and this one was perfect for last week. I have achieved something really exciting! Once the ball is rolling a bit more, I will let you all know ( I promise!) Right: Saturday night was my Bestie's belated 25th Birthday do. We all had a real girls night and it was lovely!

Bottom Row: Left to Right: Here are this weekends nails. Simply just a pale pink Avon varnish with some cute little white floral nail stickers over the top. The stickers peeled off after a couple of days but I loved them all the same! Middle: Here is Saturday nights outfit close up. A pretty Floral playsuit from the Sale. £6!! It was so comfy and I got it in a size down and fit in it!! Yay! Right: Another sneak peek at my SS17 Shorts.

It has been a BRILL week, filled with lots of work and sewing.

Here's to another good week.

Thanks for reading!


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