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My Week in Pictures

Good Morning! Here is what I got up to last week...


This was my 11/11th day off. So I was getting a bit down about going back to work on Tuesday. I spent the day getting the last few bits of sewing done on my remaining orders. I also launched the first SS Shorts of 2017. (Moodboard for shorts is the Top:Left pic) How exciting!

You can SHOP via:

If you want to take a peek. There are plenty more where they came from and I will be uploading new designs weekly.

Tuesday : Back to work! I wondered what was going on when my alarm went off at 6.30am. Having said that, once I got in, I was glad to be back to my normal routine! I also visited my accountants for a quick chat. My first tax return has been completed - meaning - I officially a business!! Tuesday afternoon was lovely me and my Mum went a long walk with the dog, before a night sewing in frony of the tv.

Wednesday: Work all day! It is my Best friends Birthday this coming week and so I bought her a card (second: left) Saying "you are the Ariana to my Taylor" I know she will love it!

Thursday : Work in the morning and home in the afternoon. I managed to cram in some sewing, plus a 40 minute jog. (The half Marathon is about 14 weeks away!)

Friday: Friday I was off all day and I absolutely powered through my sewing. Often I only sew a few things at a time, I'll have a break, and then continue. We were having work done on the house so I was cooped up in the kitchen out of the way - so I decided I would sew as much as I could and use my time well. I finished off 6 orders! Woohoo!

Friday night was PayDay! Yay! So me and a few friends from work went to Ulverston to Amigos (a Mexican restaurant) It was lovely!! We all shared a combo meal to start and I had build your own fajitas. We got the last train home and I was in bed by 11.

Saturday: A morning of wrapping the items I made on Friday before posting them to their destination (with George watching over me the whole time) and an afternoon of fixing my website. As some of you know, I am in the middle of making my own website. I was hoping it would be finished by now but life doesn't happen like that, does it? So I have a deadline of a couple of weeks. (I am nearly there I promise)

In the mean .

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sunday: Me and my friend had a cinema date on Sunday! We went to watch 50 Shades Darker. I have read all the books (including Grey) and seen the first film so it seemed rude not to see the second. It was very good but very raunchy. And we found ourselves sat on the very front row (now that was some view!)

Until next week,

Thanks for Reading!


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