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My Week in Pictures..

My Week in Pictures...

It has been a bit of a strange week this week. As I mentioned last week, this week has been my week off from the Day job. And Although I have crammed loads in, I have not known what day I am on and have been totally out of my routine!

Monday: Monday I was at home all day sewing. I started pattern cutting my Priority orders and there was lots of sewing involved!

Tuesday: I had a nice chilled Day at home with my Mum. A lovely walk around the local village with the dog and lots more sewing! (Although it has been my week off - I have been using it to catch up!) Tuesday night I went to a Mexican restaurant with some friends for another friends Birthday. The meal was LOVELY!

Wednesday: Yet more sewing! Pattern cutting and sewing Pom Poms on for my new SS17 Shorts. Which will be listed later today!

Thursday : More sewing! I also attempted a run after my recent cold - I did not succeed as I was more ill than I thought.

Friday : I took Friday as a day off and my and my friend went a 6mile walk to Cartmel and back. It was a lovely cold, crisp morning and we stopped off at a pub for dinner when we got there. We also went to a new Coffee Shop for a cake - We earned it!

Friday night I visited my Bestie for a catch up and a wine night.

Saturday: More sewing..lots of pattern cutting and I finally uploaded my SS17 Shorts listings (the first few anyway) Ready for later today! Saturday night was a standard pjs, takeaway and chill night!

Sunday: We had a nice family walk around Back Barrow. It was another Cold and crisp day and just what Sundays are made for. Before an evening of sewing and "Call the Midwife" at 8pm.

I am back at work tomorrow, Back to my normal routine. I have had a lovely, lovely, lovely week off. I have well and truly caught up with my jobs (I feel less stressed out now!) and caught up with my friends.

Until next week,


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