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B is for #BeautyBuys

Blog Post : Beauty Buy of the Week (I have not done one of these for a while and I have decided that I am not going to post them weekly - just as and when there is something I would like to share!) MUA : Lipstock Here is my Beauty Buy No: 7 SHOP: Superdrug PRICE: £1.00 Each TYPE: Lipstick OVERVIEW: I am a HUGE fan of lipstick, whatever the colour, I will wear it! The brighter and pinker the better. However, I recently decided that as Spring is coming and so is the Nude Lip trend that I would trade in my cherry pink for a more neutral colour. Move over Kylie Jenner. THE BRAND: Both of these Lipsticks are from the MUA range which is sold in Superdrug (you know the one where everything is priced at £1 - £4) I have mostly every shade already and so these are the newest additions to the MUA family and the palest ones going. They are both priced at £1 and named Juicy and Bare. JUICY: This one looks slightly orange / coral but when it is on, it is more of a peachy pale pink colour. It is very pretty and would look FAB on the right skin colour. I am not sure that skin tone is me. Although the colour is beautiful so I may have to try layering it over or under something else. NUDE: This is the one that I really thought would not suit me (but for £1 - who cares) But it does. It is nude but not totally pale that you look like you've stopped breathing. I really like this colour and I think it will suit a variety of skin tones. THE FINAL WORD: Say what you will, I LOVE a bargain. When I originally bought a MUA Lipstick, I did it because I wanted to try a new shade and £1 seemed the perfect price to experiment with. (If it was rubbish, I could chuck it away) However, over the years, I have decided that these are my favourite Lipsticks. From Nude to Hot Pink to Vintage Rouge, there is a colour for everyone! Each Lipstick goes on really balmy and stays there for hours. Well worth £1. Thanks for reading! 


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