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Why this was the best January ever...!


I can't believe it is February already - where did those last 31 days go?

I know most people hate January - the dreary weather, the long days, the thought that Summer is ages away! I actually LOVE it! I hate the weather etc, but I love the thought of new beginnings and those first few days in particular make me so optimistic and excited for the year ahead. Most people I know hate new year, I don't!

And this January had been a good one because:

I haven't yet broken all of my New Year's Resolutions. I don't make many, and none of them are strict as such, but I had it in my head to stop giving myself a hard time (I have) to be more organised (I am) and to stick to my half marathon training plan (and except last week when I was ill - I have!)

I have been out! Most of January should be spent in hibernation because of the cold, damp weather! However, I said to myself that I was going to force myself out of my pyjamas and go out more - and I have. Even if it was just round to a friends for "Rocky Horror Night" or tea out at the pub. I have been out most weeks in January.

I am organised! For Christmas I received several calendars, organisers and notepads, I don't know if people were trying to tell me something. But I have made use of them all and my workspace is now so organised it is untrue! I am way ahead of my orders and plodding along nicely.

Summer is coming! I am a huge fan of Summer and so to make it come quicker, I have ordered, purchased and started working on my Spring / Summer 2017 Shorts collection. Way ahead of target!


All in all, I don't feel defeated with the New Year yet. I feel on track and ready for the next month!

Bring it on!

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