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My Week in Pictures...

My Week in Pictures...

It's that day again..Monday!

Here's a little sneak peek at what I was up to last week. (It was a fairly busy one with lots of rushing around!)

Monday : I don't usually work a Monday (at the day job) so Monday is spent catching up with my sewing etc after the weekend. Last week was a busy one - I sewed for something like 9 1/2 hours without realising. I had an up and coming Wedding order to finish and so I spent all afternoon tacking pom poms.

Tuesday : Tuesdays are always weird, work til 1pm, dinner, walk the dog, sewing, go for a run (1/2 Marathon training) - This week I really struggled as I soon became tired after starting...As it happens ..

Wednesday : .......I started with a cold! A really awful, head-achey, sore throat and aching muscles sort of cold! This went on for 5 days (It was like a speedy crash course in having a cold - as it has gone now!) - And I gave up with the marathon training for the rest of the week.

Thursday : Thursday was a good day! I was at work until 1pm and then the start of my 11 DAY HOLIDAY began. (I have holidays to take from work and so I started them today!) YES...11 DAYS! This means lots of sewing and catching up with life! I also finished the waistbands of my Wedding order shorts - despite being really ill!

Friday : Friday is where the "week in picture mood board" starts (see moodboard) So Friday (aka Day 1 of my holidays) was the day I went to the hairdressers. Yay! I shot the photos from different angles so the before and after photos don't actually look that different. But I did have a whole 2" chopped off my hair. And It looks and feels soooo much better! I also wrapped up and posted the Wedding shorts. They are travelling across the seas as we speak! This is Wedding order No.1 of 2017. Let's hope for plenty more. Friday night I also went to a Curry Buffet in a lovely little pub just over in the next village. It was lovely!

Saturday : Me and my Sister decided on a last minute trip into Lancaster for some retail therapy. I love a bargain and I managed to get a whole bag full of shopping for under £50. It is my friends Birthday soon and so I was present shopping too. I treated myself to some Lush bath bombs and new make up (all of which I will be blogging in the next week or so) As well as some absolute steals from Primark!

Saturday was of course Chinese New Year - a day that can't go buy without a Chinese! So me and a few friends went over to another friends house for a takeaway and a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Night.

I have never seen the film before and had no idea what to expect! I'm still not entirely sure what the plot line was and spent most of the night confused and asking lots of questions. But I loved the outfits all the same!

Sunday: Yesterday we had a proper family Sunday. It isn't often that we all get the day off together and so it resulted in a visit to see my Nana, a sunny walk along the river side and an afternoon of sewing till my heart was content.

All before "Call the Midwife" at 8pm.

So this coming week is still my week off. Lets see what it has in store.

Have a good week,


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