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A Maui Story...

Wedding Order No.1 posted to Hawaii....YAY!

A few of you may know, along side making shorts, I also take on Wedding orders - so basically, group orders for the Bridal Party and guests or Bridesmaids outfits or even hen do's.

This time, The bride contacted me a couple of months back and asked if I would be interested in this project. (Of course I would!)

I jumped at the chance and between us, we chose the fabrics, the print, the colours and how the shorts would sit. This order is for a group of 6 Bridesmaids (and bride)

The fabric arrived 2 weeks ago and I began making right away. I have been working on them day by day and I was so excited to finish, because I can't wait to see them in all their glory.

I parcelled them up and posted them today. Off to Hawaii they go! (I am so jealous right now!)

I will keep you updated on their travels.

(If anyone has an upcoming nuptial or even they would like shorts for - let me know!)

#fashion #designer #project #wedding #weddingparty #sewing #makersgonnamake #Hawaii #UKtoHawaii

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