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My Week in Pictures...

Good Morning!

Now I am slightly late with this post and I did promise that every week I would upload a post about my week.

A Personal Column.

So here is week 1 of 2017 :

This week has gone so fast..I don't know what has happened to it. But as always, I have managed to cram as much as I can into it; including overtime at work and a Saturday night out.

Monday : I do not usually work Mondays and so Monday's are my catch up sewing days after the weekends. Last week I began pattern cutting my SS17 Shorts from all the new fabrics that I bought. I have also been designing for my Valentines Range. Most items are listed already, but I have only just uploaded the designs now.

Tuesday : Tuesdays are always a strange one - I work in the morning and sew in the afternoon. Tuesdays always go too fast. I did treat myself to a new Grey Suede pair of trainers from New Look. (outfit of the day posts will be uploaded when I wear them!)

Wednesday: I spend the day at my day job. (Most of you already know that I work in a food shop to support my sewing / stop me getting sewing cabin fever!)

Thursday : Thursday was another sewing day - I continued with my orders and started to sew up SS17 shorts. I also got a load of waistbands sewn for my SS17 Replen shorts. Over winter I have been busy making extra sizes in these shorts and squirrelling them away until the Spring / Summer months.

Friday : The opposite of Tuesday.

Saturday : A full day at my day job and a great last minute night out in my local town. I discovered a new cocktail made up of Lemonade, Vodka and Mango Sourz. I doesn't sound amazing but it was. I only had a couple as...

Sunday: I was up early for work at 8am and after that I had a lovely family afternoon nipping into town for a bit of shopping. Before an early night and the return of "Call the Midwife" on the BBC. (I am currently half way though the first book after buying them for myself just before Christmas - What a book!)

I should also point out that this week (for those of you who don't know - In May this year I am running my first half marathon with my Dad) I am a keen runner but I have started from scratch. Training started in last August and came to a halt over Christmas. I have since re started 3x weekly Since the beginning of the year. I often struggle with finding the time due to my work / sewing but I am finding the right balance of 3x a week. I am mid way through a "Couch to 10k" training programme and every week, I run 5-5.5k (which will be built up to 10k) to find out my average speed. 3 months ago I was 8.45 Mins per KM. On Thursday I got that down to 7.09m/KM. I was very pleased with myself and don't know how I did it. But I will carry on regardless!

So all in all, it was a fairly busy week. In between my day job / business - I fit in lots of extra bits of sewing and a few side projects.

Until next week...


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