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#SS17 Ultimate Fabrics

Happy Tuesday - I have some very exciting things to show you today...


They arrived over the weekend and are still being delivered as we speak (so hopefully I will have a couple more to show you in the coming days...)

So from Left to Right..

1. The top fabric in the pile is my absolute FAVE! It was one of those that I saw and I had to have. It is a soft touch cotton fabric, a medium weight (so perfect for shorts) printed with a bright Tropical Fruit Cocktail print. Yum!

2. Turquoise Hibiscus print. I am a HUGE fan of a Hawaiian print but they are so hard to get your hands on. This one comes in 4 different colours so I thought I would give the blue a try.

3. Cactus! How CUTE is this print!? I had to have this one too! This one is a slightly heavier fabric (but will still make great shorts) on a mid grey background, printed all over with Cacti.

4. This one is from India and is even more beautiful in person. With big, bold purple flowers all over a yellow cotton fabric. It is very lightweight so will make the perfect beach shorts. Also in Blue (so I may give that one a try too)

5. How lovely is this print? This one is a satin-esque fabric. Very lightweight and silky, with a very on trend 80's style fruity floral print. Perfect for running shorts!

6. This fabric is actually a lining fabric but I couldn't avoid the print and I HAD TO BUY! This will make an amazing all over set for a Festival!

7. Red Rose floral As you will have seen, I already sell a vintage floral print similar to this, which is getting harder to re stock. So this is my new and improved Vintage floral print (also in Royal blue) Keep your eyes peeled for this lovely print!

8. 80's floral abstract This print is very me! It consists of overlapping squares with a very vintage floral print over the top. The colours are beautiful! It is a very fluid fabric so I can not wait to try it out! Slouchy oversized Tee-s anyone!?

9. London Tube Map How cool is this!? Get your inner city kid out with this FAB London Tube Map print. (I am looking into buying a Union Jack print too!)

10. Wine gingham floral To all you eagle eyes out there, you will already know that I sell this in lilac. Well here it is in "wine" it is slightly more maroon than I thought but lovely all the same!

11. Pink gingham floral And I have it in PINK too - THE colour of the Season!

12. Peach vintage floral How gorgeous is this vintage number. The fabric is a viscose so very lightweight and soft. It will make the perfect festival outfit. Or even long trousers!?

13. This is also my new FAVE fabric.How beautiful are the colours. I have ordered plenty so I am well stocked! This ties in well with the gingham / floral trends of SS17.

What do you think?

There are lots more still on their way, and lots more being made into shorts as we speak.

All of these ideas mentioned are thoughts I have been toying with for a while. If I have the time, I plan to make them all! I would love to hear your suggestions for other items.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Sewing!


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