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So Christmas is only 4 days away and I can not believe it. All my shopping is bought, I am just waiting on a couple more items via post and I am half way through my wrapping.

I LOVE Christmas for a number of reasons.

The main one being that it is definitely the most MAGICAL time of the year. The atmosphere changes and peoples attitudes change. People become less uptight and adopt the "hey, It's Christmas" attitude (I know I do)

That means more money is spent, more generosity shared and the world becomes a nicer place! I am a huge fan buying lots at Christmas because we wait all year for it so I think "what the hell!" I LOVE buying presents for other people and I take days to wrap everything.

I love an open fire, with mulled wine and Christmas songs playing in the back ground. Wrapping whilst I'm wearing my Pyjamas and cosy slipper socks. Choosing which ribbon to go on which present and then panicking because I've ran out of tags. Wondering how I am going to get them delivered on time (I am a last minute wrapper!) I love it when it snows. We go on our annual Family Xmas walk on the last Sunday before Christmas and sometimes it snows and we have to walk back in the dark. This year we listened to the local brass band play. I love decorating the tree and seeing how many baubles I can fit on it. I love watching Christmas films. I love eating and drinking at a Christmas feast. I love how the fairy lights light up a whole village.

I love how everything changes..because It's Christmas!

Have a good one!

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