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Personal Column : My Weekly Review

Personal Column : My Weekly Review.

Happy Monday everyone.....And what a week it has been.

I have spent most of the week working. Between my day job, sewing and battling a sore throat - I am EXHAUSTED!

I have finished all my Christmas Etsy orders - Yay! And I posted the remainder of those on Friday afternoon. I have had a couple of last minute late orders (which I will try my very best to get made and sorted for you by Xmas!)

Last Monday, Wednesday and Thursday was spent chained to my sewing machine and Friday, Saturday and Sunday chained to work. So this is only a quick column this week as I have nothing major to report. Only that my Xmas shopping is nearly done and this week will be spent arranging Christmas crafts - I will show you these throughout the week as I make them.

Have a lovely week!


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