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#B is for BeautyBuys



Blog Post :  Beauty Buy of the Week


Primark Beauty : French Nails


Here is my Beauty Buy No:  6


SHOP: Primark


PRICE: Are you ready for this ...? £1.00

 The best £1 I have EVER spent! 


TYPE: False Nails



Love them or hate them - false nails are a bit like Marmite. 
I however, LOVE them. 
They are something I got into when I was a teenager and although I hate having long nails (you can't sew with long nails!) they look very glam for a night out (or two). I don't wear them often enough as I always consider them to be fiddly - which is why I save them for special occasions. These nails were not fiddly in the slightest. 


I don't mind admitting that I am somewhat of a false nail addict. I have a collection of around 20 sets. All of which unused (for now) because I buy them in bulk for these "special occasions" and forget to apply them before I go. Last week was my Sister's Birthday and so I thought they would finish my look off nicely. 


In my collection, I have everything from polka dot to leopard print to candy cane print. I decided to stick to the classic "French Manicure". 
They come already pre cut in a variety of different sizes. I held each one against my nail for sizes and cut the tips smaller. (As I said before, I hate having long nails so I did not want them too long) They fit the size of my nails fairly well. The small nail was slightly too big (I have narrow -ish nails) however, it was only noticeable on close inspection. 


These nails do come with a small bottle of nail glue. I do find the Primark glue a bit rubbish so I bought some more for 99p from Bodycare. (The brand was "Patons" and it came in a red and white bottle) 


I planned on just having them on for Friday night. I applied them at around 7.15pm and too the bottle of glue out with me just incase one fell off. They lasted all night Friday, through a full day of handsewing on Saturday, Christmas tree shopping on Sunday and another day of sewing Monday. They lasted through 3 baths and I only had to glue ONE back on. This glue is incredible! 


I was a fan of false nails before I tried these but always thought of them as fiddly and something to just wear on occasion. These have changed my mind completely. I would even be tempted to wear them to work and on a more permanent basis. For the price, I would 100% recommend giving them a go. 

WOULD I BUY AGAIN:  I am planning my next wear already. 


Thanks for reading! If you need any more info on any of the products, you know where I am. 

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