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Personal Column : My Weekly Review.

Personal Column: My Weekly Review.

Happy Monday everyone!

I didn't get chance to post my weekly column yesterday unfortunately. So here it is today.

Last week was a pretty full on week. I found myself doing lots of different things and going on a few adventures....

The beginning of the week was spent working (either at my day job) or catching up with my mountain of sewing. I am in the middle of a number of Christmas orders which I am trying to get through as quickly as possible to be delivered on time to you all.

Wednesday I went Christmas shopping to Manchester with my sister. We caught the early train and didn't get back till late. We had train delays and had to stand on both journeys but it was a lovely day. We bought lots and had very heavy bags to carry home. I was so tired on Thursday!

Thursday was December 1st! Can anyone believe that? In my head it is still April!? I can not believe 12 months ago I was preparing for Xmas 2015, this year has come around so quick. I LOVE December though because I love all the festivities. And guess means we can officially wear SEQUINS! (Not that I need much of an excuse!)

We also have decorating going on at our house over the next few days. So over the weekend I was banned from going near my sewing machine (because I couldn't get to it!) So I have had a few strange days with nothing to do! Anyone who knows me, knows I can not do nothing!

Friday night was my sister's Birthday night out so we and a few friends went for cocktails in our local town. We caught the train there and had a mini bar - crawl. It was a great night! Tequila Sunrise anyone!?

Saturday was her 27th Birthday and yesterday we went Christmas Tree "shopping"! This is a family tradition for the third Sunday before Christmas. Although the tree never goes up until the weekend before. We chose a very small but perfectly formed tree and I can not wait to decorate! We also went on a family walk to the little village of Cartmel. This is also a tradition of ours around Xmas time.

So I am back to it this week. My sewing machine is back in its rightful place and I have a tonne of orders to do before it gets moved again next week.

Have a lovely week..

Bye for now!


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