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#Personal Column

 Hello Everyone! 


Many of you know me from Etsy, Twitter....Instagram and even Facebook.


I am the girl who sits behind my beloved sewing machine (or computer) who dedicates her life to making shorts and knows everything to know about the power of the Pom-Pom!

 It is rare that I post photos of myself or of my personal life so I think it is time to introduce a new feature to my Blog - A Personal Column. 


It is time to introduce the real me. I promise not to bore you (but my life really isn't that exciting!) 


Every week I plan to post a short write up of my week so far - what I have been up to in "real life". 


I plan to do this on a Sunday - but Here is my first post...


This Week : 

This week has been a fairly quiet week (trust my first blog post to be the most boring!)

As many of you know, along side my sewing, I also work part time in a little food shop. (It pays the bills and gets me out from behind my sewing machine for a few hours!)  I have worked a few shifts there this week and Christmas is definitely coming as I have been helping with the decorations and displays. I worked the loooong weekend shift and so my sewing has been minimal. 

In between sewing, work and living, I have also been glued to my TV for "I'm a Celebrity..." Because for two weeks in November and December I refuse to leave the house due to my TV viewing. (I promise I'm not that sad really!) 

On a more Festive note, When I finished work yesterday afternoon, my family whisked me off to our local town for a Dickensian Festival.

It has been running for 16 years and I am ashamed to say I have NEVER been before. As you all know I am a sucker for a Period Drama, you can probably guess I loved it. It took place in Ulverston (which is a little old fashioned town with cobbled streets and little alleyways)

Every street was lined with market stalls selling everything you could possibly need from Christmas Crafts to Mulled wine to a Hog Roast. I bought a few Xmas prezzies (which I won't mention on here just in case the people are reading!) and it was just what I needed to get me into the Christmas spirit. There was a lovely atmosphere and I will definitely be returning next year! 


Until next week...




Ps - For more persnal Updates follow me on Insta: @Natasha.Lomas27


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