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A / W 2016 : Trend: Glitter

New : Beauty Trend

Glitter. How will you wear it?

I am obsessed with following the latest trends. Whether they are totally do - able or utterly ridiculous - I like to know what they are just incase I want to try one. The latest trend has something for everyone depending on how brave you are feeling.

Here is my 5 minute review.

THE TREND: The name ... Glitter! Simple but effective. It has no instructions on where to wear it, it just simply is ...glitter. Any colour you like. Any shape and size (I have even seen sequins!) Any feature enhanced.

WHO'S WEARING IT: At the moment it is mainly a catwalk trend. It has been seen across the globe during shows from Chanel, Giambattista Valli and Jenny Packham before filtering down to the high street.

THE COLOUR: Any! Mostly metallics so this is ideal for the up and coming festive season. From gold and silver to red and blue - there is something for everyone!

WHO WEARS IT WELL? It depends on how brave you're feeling as to who wears it well but my personal favourite is Chanel. It is totally impractical for daily wear and you would have to be feeling pretty brave to adorn your eyelids with sequins. But it looks so pretty! Closely followed by Dior. This one is the better option for trying it at home. From a thin stroke of glitter liner to a thick line of sequins - this is the most wearable way to give this trend a go.

HOW TO WEAR IT: It really depends how brave you are feeling. But why not try a thin stroke of glitter liner under your lower lashes..or even over the top with a retro wing in the outer corners. There really are no rules this time so how about a light dusting of glitter powder on your lids or a brush stroke of a strong metallic cream. It really is up to you!

And for those who are feeling brave...GO FOR IT!

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