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#B is for #BeautyBuys #1

Happy Wednesday..Wednesday it is! (Just a heads up, I am going to start moving this weekly post to a Wednesday to make room for other posts during the week)

I have a special treat for you this morning...

This is my Beauty Buy No: 4 AND 5. I bought both these products this week and couldn't wait to review them both.

Blog Post : Beauty Buy of the Week

MUA: Intense Colour eyeliner

SHOP: Superdrug

PRICE: £1.00 This was bought from the MUA (Makeup Academy range) Most things are priced at £1 although they have started introducing some more "expensive" items. This range is PERFECT if you are on a budget or are wanting to experiment with colours.

TYPE: Pencil Eyeliner

SHADE: Forest Green

It is not a secret that I am an eyeliner fanatic! Mostly of the liquid kind, so today I thought I would try a pencil. I am used to using eyeliner on my top lash (I don't leave the house without a perfect "wing!") and so I bought this to add some colour to my lower lash line. I thought I would be a bit daring and try an Autumnal colour rather than my usual black or brown. I was torn between a bright turquoise and this "Forest Green" and the green won because I thought it was the less daring of the two. I wanted to be daring but not THAT daring.

Pictured, you can see it on the back of my hand. This is a light stroke as I didn't want the colour to be too heavy. Actually the pigment isn't heavy at all, just a nice even coating of pencil liner. Giving the hint that you are wearing a colour without it being too bright. I also wet my eyeshadow brush and smudged under my lower lashes, both of which work perfectly! I must point out that the actual colour isn't quite as dark as the pencil looks in the photograph. If you press on harder, the colour will naturally be darker, but I didn't want to press to hard with it being under my eye.

It is a bargain for anyone on a budget or wanting to try a new look without breaking the bank. They have this eyeliner in a range of colours, from black to white, turquoise, navy, purple..and a very similar style pencil as a lip liner.

WOULD I BUY AGAIN: Yes. It is not the best eyeliner I have ever used but for the price, I will definitely be going back to experiment with more colours.

Coming up : Rimmel Rapid Ruby..

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