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B is for #BeautyBuys

Blog Post : Beauty Buy of the Week

Lush Bath Ballistic : Sparkly Pumpkin

Hello Everyone,

Here is my Beauty Buy No: 3

This week it is Halloween Themed! (I know this was days ago but I used it on Halloween and just haven't uploaded my review yet.

SHOP: LUSH (One of my all time faves all year round.)

PRICE: £3.95

(Lush prices seem to rise every time I go in but I thought this was a bargain - and I HAD TO HAVE IT! )

TYPE: Bath Ballistic

LUSH has been on of my favourite shops..forever! I like to think I have tried most of the products but there is always something new to lure me in. This time it was Halloween. I wasn't in specifically to buy, I was browsing with my sister when I saw this pretty bath ballistic. I love Halloween and I also love glitter so this was a winner. It reminded me of the "Sunny side" bath ballistic (also covered in glitter) so I knew I was going to buy it.

Its name is "Sparkly Pumpkin" and you can see why! It is orange and pumpkin shaped and covered in lots of gold glitter. It even had a tiny little straw stalk coming out of the top.

I crumbled it into my bath of hot water and swished it around to make lots of bubbles. This created more bubbles than I've ever seen and smelt lovely! (not of Pumpkins!) It also left the bath water (and my skin) feeling really soft. I prefer the "Bath ballistics" over the "Bath bombs" because of my love of bubbles!

WOULD I BUY AGAIN: 100% Yes..I am waiting for the Christmas bath ballistics now.

Now Halloween is over: LOOK OUT FOR : Sunnyside, Bling Crosby , Ruby Red Slippers

(I also have the little ghost bath melt to use so look out for this review also)

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