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B is for Beauty Buys..



Loreal Pure Clay Mask: Purity


Good Morning! 
Here is my Beauty Buy No: 2 . 
You can probably see a theme here as this one is also Loreal Paris.But what can I say..? I am an addict. 


SHOP: Superdrug 


PRICE: £5.29 (offer price) Usually £7.99


TYPE: Purity


This week I thought I would give a face mask a try. I am a huge fan of face masks, I usually use the Superdrug's own brand which come in the sachets but after weeks of seeing this advertised, I caved! It comes in 3 different colours : Black for Detox and Pink for Glow (and Green for Purity) I went for the Purity because I hoped it would freshen up my skin. 
The packaging is lovely, it comes in a glass tub with a twist on lid, and is packed in a square box. 
The smell reminds me of something but I have not figured out what yet...
The face mask itself is quite thin, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The face masks I usually use are thick, and take longer than the 10 - 15 minutes to set. This one did now however, it took around 10 before it started to feel tight. 
Once I washed it off, I could definitely feel the effect on my skin. It felt much fresher and soft.




WEAR: 10 Mins. (You could probably leave on longer if needs be)  


WOULD I BUY AGAIN: Definitely! But I would maybe go for the Pink next time.

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