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Trend : Blackcurrant Lips

New : Beauty Trend: Blackcurrant Lips. This is the hottest trend for SS16 Beauty at the minute and I'm going to write a quick 5 min review on it. THE TREND: So the trend is aptly named: Blackcurrant lips, which in itself sounds very autumnal and pretty. I am a HUGE ran of a coloured lip anyway (my personal face being a cherry pink) so I don't feel like this one is too far from that and could be totally wearable for anyone. Even those less confident. WHO'S WEARING IT: It's been seen across the Catwalk for months and it is the perfect timing to get your Halloween Chic on! Modelled by the likes of Beyonce, Cara Delevigne and Rihanna and sampled by many beauty bloggers across the globe. I LOVE IT! THE COLOUR: The shade "Blackcurrant" covers all sorts of shades from pink to red to purple. From cherry to burgundy to lilac. It depends how strong you like your blackcurrant! WHO WEARS IT WELL? I think Rihanna has the prettiest shade here. (Closely followed by Selena) One I would call a Vampy red. Not quite purple but not quite red either. Maybe a mixture of the two. I creates a perfect little pout. HOW TO WEAR IT: If you're not feeling too brave about this one. Why not combine shades? Go one colour up from your usual lip stick. Anything vampy counts..right? Or layer your usual colour over a light coating of a darker shade. And for those who are feeling brave...GO FOR IT! Happy Halloween!

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