Because if we have to wear them, they may as well be Pretty!

As there is a shortage of Masks and PPE given the current pandemic, I thought I would have a go at making my own.
These masks are made from 2 cotton layers of fabric and a built in filtered mesh lining (front layer if your chosen pattern, back layer is a complimentary colour) . Each comes with Elastic ear loops.

As you know, there is a shortage of PPE Masks for those who need them most. My Handmade masks are not medical masks, These masks will NOT stop you from getting Corona Virus, but they will go towards helping preventing the spread of germs whilst you are out and about doing your daily exercise / getting groceries.
Wearing one of these instead of the Surgical Masks, could mean that there will be more surgical masks to go around for those who need them most. And please remember, to only go out when essential, as infrequently as possible!

Each mask is double sided. One side with the print from the drop down box, and the other side with a corresponding colour / print.
If you order the random pack, you will receive a mixture of 3 masks in a selection of colours and prints (the prints may not be from the selection of prints photographed, as I have so many to choose from!)

Printed Fabric
Face Mask
Ear Loops

PLEATED: Double layer with 3 pleats and elastic ear loops.
ROUNDED: Cut in a rounded style with sculpts the nose, with elastic ear loops.

100% Cotton

Pleated: Approx. 9" Length, 7" high
Rounded: Approx. 9" Length, 5.5" high

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Adult Printed Fabric Masks Rounded or Pleated with Elastic Ear Loops

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