• Natasha Lomas


Another busy couple of days Sewing flat out!

23 masks 😷 1 headband 🌈 3 pairs of shorts 🩳 1 nightwear set 🛌 1 top 👚

Lots of parcelling up 💌 Lots of pattern cutting of new orders! ✂️ Thank you to everyone for your on going support. Working throughout lock down, making hundreds of masks and trying to keep my business running as normal has been challenging!! 💪🏼 so thank you to everyone for being patient with me (and for not pestering me 🤣over when your orders will be done!) Each day I’m chipping away at my order list and doing my best! ❤️ If you haven’t already, please give my Facebook page a like, or share it with your friends @thepinkflamingodesigns I really do appreciate it! #smallbusiness #handmade #stillgoing #maskmaking ❤️


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