• Natasha Lomas

A is for #April

Good Morning!

Sorry for my delay in posting this, I have been busy at work.

March was a bit of a weird one wasn't it! So much for my "Spring Bucket List" Post. I'll have to think of one that can be done indoors.

Spring is my favourite time of year, it always has been! I love it because of the pastel colours, the flowers that bloom (you know I love a daffodil!) the baby animals, the weather turning warmer.

So I am feeling a little bit disheartened, we've all had a long winter and as soon as the weather (hopefully) turns warmer, we're all stuck in doors.

But despite all the horrendous things happening at the minute: the weather will still get warmer, and the flowers will still grow. We just have to appreciate it from inside!!

Keep Safe everyone!

#smallbusiness #thepinkflamingo #sewing #spring #newmonth #april


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