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August 26, 2020

Please feel free to share far and wide! 
I'm excited to say that SEWING CLASSES ARE BACK! 🧵 🦩 
I never thought for a second that a little business like mine would come out the other side of Lock Down but I have and I'm raring to go! 🥳
Friday Morning Sewing Classes s...

Watermelon Fever!

I've been wanting to share this pics with you for weeks but then all hell broke lose and I never got the chance. So here they are.. (finally!)

These are photos that have been sent to me by my lovely customers over the past couple of months alongside som...

At the end of March, I decided to start making masks.

I agreed I would be happy if I made 10, meaning I had helped keep 10 people safe!

I’ve finally gotten around to doing a final count up of all the masks I have made. I would have guessed between 250-300.

I was wrong!


It's Friday! My favourite day of the week.

And I actually get to enjoy it today because I'm off this weekend!

Why not head on over to my Etsy Shop for a nosey at my £5-10 sale! You know you want to...

I didn’t get chance to post much last week but look what I’ve got...

I am now the proud owner of two pieces of at work by Katie Hathorn

As soon as I saw this, I couldn’t resist!

Look at those colours!

#loveit #thankyou #watercolours #turtle

To celebrate "The Pink Flamingos" Re - opening, I am holding a SALE!

All items listed in the "Sale" Section are £10 and under. Most of these items are One off Pieces or are the last ones I have in stock.

Come and have a browse and pick up a bargain!

#smallbusiness #summer...

Thank you to everyone who was patient with me whilst I closed my Etsy shop for a short while.

I was under a lot of pressure with my work load (and life!) and it was easier for me to take some time out and catch up.

But I'm back now!! I'm refreshed and I'm ready to go!


For the first time since the end of March, I have FINALLY caught up with my Mask To - Do list!

I have sewn every last mask - That's how busy I've been!

I know some people have spent the last couple of months thinking Covid-19 has gone, but don't forget those still beaver...

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