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I’m so proud to be part of this. Glad to be able to do my bit 🧵🌈❤️👩🏼‍⚕️

#ScrubHub #Cumbria #SouthLakes #StayHomeSaveLives #NHS

Just an update on Masks!

I have just had 6 days off from Spar, and been in in my Sewing room for every single one of them. I have processed 25 separate orders and made over 50+ headbands and masks.
Not a bad effort for 6 days! (though I am beyond shattered!)
I've also m...

Good Morning!

Here is my next #MondayListing!

I didn't do one last week because I was too busy mask making. But this week I have something a little bit special to share with you.

I wanted to join in with putting a Rainbow in the window to Thank the NHS and KeyWorkers. But...

Scrubs done! ✅🌈

I was so pleased, I made Dom take a pic! 😂 just waiting on the next batch of fabric so I can make some more! ✂️🧵

PS - My friend Kelly shared this post on Facebook and wrote a lovely status saying that my hard work should be recognised. So T...

April 19, 2020

19 headbands 🌈

5 masks 😷

2 pairs of shorts 🧵

1 1/2 sets of scrubs 👩🏼‍⚕️

15 orders parcelled up and ready to go! 📮

Plus a 2 hour video call Sewing Class (the only thing to keep me sane in all this!!) 💕😄

All In 2 days! 💪🏼🦩✅

#pinkflamingo #sewing #maskmaking

Good Morning! And what a lovely morning it is. ☀️💕

I just wanted to share a couple of photos that I was sent this week from Happy "Mask / Headband" wearing customers!

I don't know how two people can make wearing a mask look so cool! 😷

Thanks for sending me these and #S...

When you turn up to work (Day Job) and someone has drawn this on the pavement, thanking you! It's so nice to feel appreciated and this made our day! It cheered up the pavement and customers kept passing comment on it.  it looks fab and we are so, so grateful! 


As promised!

I haven’t done a #tuesdaytips post for a couple of weeks because I’ve been mask making! Some things are more important!!

I did promise to check in with you so here’s a video of what I’ve been up to! 😀 🧵 ✂️👩🏼‍⚕️🌈💕

Link to purchase :


Happy Easter! 🥚 🐰 ☀️

I hope everyone had a good one and was able to enjoy it as best as possible!

I was working all weekend so haven't even had time to look at my eggs, let alone break into them. But I'll try and do that today! 🍫

Just to let you know that pos...

Happy Good Friday Everyone!

Remember, for those of you that are "Stuck at home", you aren't, you are "Safe at home!"

And for those of you Key Workers running around trying to make sure these people can be Safe at home, remember that you are doing a brilliant job and you...

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