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March 27, 2019

If this past week has taught me anything it is to have #gratitude and to #countyourblessings

It’s a couple of days late due to a few busy days BUT!...

I absolutely love Spring. It’s my favourite season. The flowers, the pastel colours, Easter, the feeling of optimism.. I love it all! 
🍄🍀🐣🌤🎀 #spring #season #march #easter #hellospring#photograph...

March 23, 2019

Fridays sewing class 🧵✂️

A few weeks ago we had a “Dress Making Basics” lesson where we learnt how to insert a zip, use interfacing, sew a button hole, have a play with sewing in elastic for the first time, etc. 👗

Today we put all those skills together and made these l...

Fridays Sewing Class! 

It’s taken 3 weeks from selecting the fabric to the finished piece. 
We’ve tackled fiddly pattern pieces, wadding and intricate construction. 
Here he is in all his glory! Doesn’t he look fab? ✨✂️🧵

These have been a really fun project to create us...

Good Morning and Happy Friday....Remember to SHAKE YOUR POMPOMS! 

For all things Handmade and Made to Order: Take a look at my WEBSITE: 

#smallbusiness #pinkflamingoshorts #FriYay #PomPoms #Flamingo #Sewing 

Thursdays Sewing class : ✂️🧵😀

Today we started our first upcycling project!! This is a good way to give a new lease of life to clothes that might not fit anymore, without throwing them away.

It is surprising what you can do with a pair of jeans and a remnant of contras...

Late last year I was approached by a Fashion Blogger who wanted to wear and promote my work! The photos from the shoot came through earlier this week.

Here they are - doesn't she look fab!

"I'm in love with the print on this little two-piece set. It features my favourite...

Earlier this year a lady contacted me through my Etsy shop about a project involving fabric hankerchiefs that could be re used as part of the "Zero waste" campaign.

I was happy to be on board and over the last few weeks we have been discussing fabrics and prints and com...

It’s Friday so that must mean sewing class! 

Today we carried on with our memory bears! 
The arms and legs have been sewn and padded out. Next step is to attach the legs to the body. 
I’ve got a few bears on the go so here they are so far! 

For all things #Handmade, S...

Yesterday I had a Pop up Shop in Squirrel - A store of buried treasure, in Ulverston, For their "Meet the Maker" event. It has been a while since I have done anything like this but I really enjoyed it and it was good to get back out there again. Thank you to everyone w...

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