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Good Morning! ☀️

I have a different kind of listing this morning!

I have spent my weekend making masks and head bands for those that need them.

The headbands are for anyone who is getting sore ears from wearing the masks. They are made from a stretch fabric and have a but...

I’ve been busy making fabric masks for anyone who needs them. 🧵💕😷

I’ve sent a few off to a friend where they will be put to good use in hospital. And I have also been making them for friends and family.

They are good for anyone whose wanting a bit of extra protection...

April 3, 2020

Good Morning! 

Sorry for my delay in posting this, I have been busy at work. 

March was a bit of a weird one wasn't it! So much for my "Spring Bucket List" Post. I'll have to think of one that can be done indoors. 

Spring is my favourite time of year, it always has been!...

March 31, 2020


Day 31: #FAQ🦩

Today is the last "MeetTheMaker" post. I have really enjoyed doing them, not only because it's given me something to focus on everyday for the pasty few weeks, but its given me a direction to my recent posts. Hopefully you've enjoyed rea...

Monday Listings! 🦩

As promised, a new listing For a Monday Morning! I’m not listing items to make sales, I’m just trying to keep a bit of routine and normality in my posts. 😄

Vintage button packs. £2. Each pack contains around 20-30 buttons. A random selection of colou...

#MarchMeetTheMaker 🌈

Day 30 : #WorkLifeBalance

(2nd to last post!)

This is something that I think everyone battles with getting right. You feel guilty because you're at work or you feel guilty because you're not working!🤷🏼‍♀️

Up until recently I didn't really have much...

March 29, 2020


Day 29: #SelfPromotion

What the hell does that mean? 😆

I've been trying to do these posts without copying other peoples ideas. And trying to write them how I interpret the prompt / #.

I'm not really one for bigging myself up or wanting to be the centre...

March 29, 2020


Yesterday, Day 28: #Planning

Those of you that know me, know that I love a good plan! Nothing ever goes to plan, but I like to have a plan in place anyway! 🤓

I am forever making lists and never finishing them, so I just add my old list onto my ne...

March 27, 2020


Day 27: #FutureGoals 🌈

This seems so surreal to even be thinking about the future when everything is so uncertain.

I have always used to want my own Sewing Shop, a proper "Shop Front" and a place to call my own. Running my Pop up Shop back in 2016...

March 26, 2020


Day 26th: #ThisorThat

Today is a bit of a random one, what does "This and That" mean? But I thought I would tie it in with the Blog post I had lined up for today anyway. Because it's fair to say, my Etsy shop is full of "This and That!"

Not only do I lo...

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