Natasha Lomas

About ME  - Natasha Lomas


My name is Natasha and I am the designer, maker and seller for The Pink Flamingo. 

I specialise in bright, unique and playful clothing - all handmade from start to finish. 

Because I just LOVE making things...

I work from my kitchen table using my much loved sewing machine and over locker and I make any idea which pops into my head. I aim to make garments which are fun to wear, make a style statement and which can easily fit into any wardrobe.


Each item is made entirely by hand from start to finish. 

Since graduating from Manchester School of Art in Summer 2013, I decided to continue making handmade garments, inspired by my passion for sportswear. 
I specialise in (and am obsessed with) pom poms , bright colours and shorts! 


If you have any queries or would like anything made, you know where to find me!